141015_STYLISH_PROFESSORS_PAWLMy name is Tim Pawl.  I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN.  I work on metaphysics and philosophical theology. In metaphysics I work on truthmaker theory, modality, and free will. In philosophical theology, I have published on transubstantiation, Christology, and divine immutability. Some places where my work has appeared include: The Australasian Journal of PhilosophyFaith and Philosophy, and Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion.  A listing of my publications is available on my PhilPapers Profile.

I published a monograph in the Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology series, entitled In Defense of Conciliar Christology: A Philosophical Essay.  In that book I argue that the philosophical objections to the traditional Christian doctrine of the incarnation fail.

I was recently awarded an Academic Cross Training Grant from the John Templeton Foundation for the 2018-2021 academic years.  During that time, I will be studying psychology with an eye toward seeing the evidential confirmation or disconfirmation that contemporary psychology lends to the great works of Christian Moral Perfection (e.g., The Spiritual Combat; The Imitation of Christ). I led a grant with Gloria Frost called The Classical Theism Project and another with Kevin Timpe called Exploring the Interim State Writing Workshop.

I am the husband of another philosopher: her name is Faith Glavey Pawl.  I am the proud father of one son and four daughters.


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