My two primary areas of research are Metaphysics and Philosophical Theology.

  • In Metaphysics, I have argued that Orthodox Truthmaker Theory – the claim that every truth requires a necessitating truthmaker – is inconsistent with traditional theism and also inconsistent with certain intuitive types of change and difference.  I have argued against David Armstrong’s truthmakers for modal truths.  And I have argued that a powers account of truthmakers for truths of possibility can answer nine pressing objections (in a forthcoming book edited by Jonathan D. Jacobs).


  • In Philosophical Theology, I have done much work on Christology.  Call the Christology of the first seven Ecumenical Councils “Conciliar Christology.”  My view is that any philosophical objection to Conciliar Christology fails.  To that end, I have provided a solution to the most pressing philosophical problem for Christology, I have analyzed the logical isomorphism between that problem and the problem of Temporary Intrinsics in contemporary analytic metaphysics, and I have analyzed two arguments for the thesis that Christ’s omniscience would render his own actions unfree.  This Christological work has cumulated in a manuscript assessing the extant philosophical arguments against Conciliar Christology.  Here is the table of contents for that manuscript.  I have also written on the doctrine of transubstantiation, two articles on Aquinas’s Five Ways,  two articles with Kevin Timpe on the freedom of the redeemed in heaven, an article on the Problem of Evil, and an encyclopedia article on Divine Immutability.


Below are two short videos filmed by the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame.


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